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Increase visibility for specific keywords relating to “arch support shoes”

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Vionic shoes are designed to relieve foot pain by naturally aligning your foot, so Vionic wanted to increase their visibility for specific keywords relating to “arch support shoes.” The goal of targeting “arch support shoes”, and other related terms, was to generate more awareness for their brand and increase sales through non-branded terms.


While Vionic was ranking well for branded terms, they were not seeing the results they had hoped for with non-branded terms. They ranked 43rd for “arch support shoes” and 36th for “shoes with arch support.” They were losing out on valuable traffic, and because organic search is the most cost-effective, they had an increased cost of acquisition throughout their other marketing channels.


By increasing traffic through non-branded terms Vionic would receive an immediate boost in revenue. This would also lead to long term revenue gains as well, since people who suffer from foot pain become life-long loyal customers, purchasing multiple pairs per year.
The women’s shoe page was optimized for the following terms:

  • Arch support (8 times on page)
  • Arch support shoes (1 time on page)
  • Arch support shoes for women (1 time on page)
  • Shoes with arch support (2 times on page)
  • Comfortable shoes (1 time on page)
  • Orthotic (7 times on page)
  • Heel pain (4 times on page)

Pws also recommended the creation of a plantar fasciitis theme to create topical authority and subsequently benefit other related keywords. Vionic added a main plantar fasciitis pain page and both men’s and women’s plantar fasciitis category pages.


Working with PWs to implement content recommendations, Vionic quickly saw results. Both the primary and secondary keywords are now ranking #1, as well as 73 tertiary keywords associated with the targeted content theme strategy. This led to a significant increase in search visibility:

  • 238% Increase in Search Visibility (Nov 2014 vs. Nov 2015)

arch support shoes – 1st
shoes with arch support – 1st

As a result of the increased search visibility, customers now saw Vionic as a top result when looking for shoes with arch support.
This increase in visibility led to gains in both traffic and revenue as well:

  • 901% Increase in Traffic (YOY for the month of Nov)
  • 310% Increase in Revenue (YOY for the month of Nov)