Google third parties include anyone who sells Google AdWords. This section outlines policies for all third parties who sell Google AdWords.

We’re always working to improve advertisers’ return on investment and experience with AdWords, and we want to make sure advertisers – whether they work with AdWords directly or not – understand how AdWords is performing for them and what to expect from their third-party partners. Accountability is a core principle of AdWords, and focusing on what’s best for the advertiser is ultimately the best long-term course for third parties working with AdWords.

We believe that most agencies, resellers, and other third parties who sell AdWords already meet these policies and establishing clear third-party policies will ensure that they aren’t negatively affected by parties not adhering to them.

These policies are in addition to any existing terms and policies for third party programs, including:

Google Certification Program
AdWords API and Standard Access
Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner Program
Google Adwords Terms and Conditions
Google Engage for Agencies
See an overview of Google third-party programs.