Is Outsourcing Your PPC Management a Good Idea?

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PPC campaign is one of the methods used in marketing your products online.  And many businesses have grown because they have used this method. When businesses opt for PPC campaign one of the questions that troubles them is whether to manage the PPC campaign by themselves or to outsource it.

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According to the first option, the company may need to hire a full time of a part-time expert in PPC management. Of course the second is an easier one that is outsourcing the whole campaign to a third party.

Now coming to the comparisons. When comparing these two options to find out which is the better of the two you need to consider certain factors involved in any PPC campaign

  1. The cost
  2. The tools and their access
  3. Bid management
  4. Reporting ability
  5. Productivity
  6. Flexibility
  7. Results- accurate, fast and reliable
  8. Cost factor
  1. Cost Factor

When you decide to outsource your PPC campaign, all you do is hire a company who handles PPC management. You only pay their monthly or annual fee and leave the rest to the expert team. However, when you decide to do the PPC campaign all by yourself, there are many factors involved.

First hiring an expert on a permanent basis is needed. This incurs an expense on the company in the form of salary. Next, you incur an overhead expense in the form of the initial setup.

If you are a huge company and a large business spread across the country probably these kinds of expenses may not be a burden on the whole setup. Hiring an extra hand and investing in some tools may be affordable.

But for a small company and a start-up, the outsourcing fee may work out to be far less than paying a salary to a hired hand.  So depending on the type of company you can decide which is the better option in your case.

  1. Access to Tools

In PPC advertising a number of tools need to be used. Also, you need to get access to the relevant tools. Only then your campaign for PPC marketing may be really useful and beneficial.

When you outsource your campaign to a trusted PPC management company you get the advantage of their latest tools they deploy. This is a company that solely works for PPC management and marketing. It is their job and to get many customers on board they use the latest tools.

So you being a customer gets the advantage. On the other hand, when you are managing the PPC campaign through your hired hand you need to first invest in the tools and then upgrade to the latest. Keeping in touch with the latest updates are also needed. Here too affordability comes into the picture.

If you are not aware of the latest updates or cannot afford them due to financial crunch your PPC campaign cannot bring in customers to your fold. Also having access to the latest tools is not enough. You need to have enough knowledge about how to use them.

Your employee may not have access to this knowledge that an expert at a PPC marketing company has. Comparing the two you can infer that outsourcing has an upper hand.

  1. Access to Advanced Reporting abilities and Bid Management

To become a PPC campaigner you need to have a lot of market knowledge and you need to keep upgrading yourself. Over and above that you need to do a lot of research. Both of these call for investments.

Coming to bid management it needs a lot of investment. Monitoring the metrics gives one an insight into the response of the users to the websites.

This helps you to manage the bid and make changes whenever necessary. This bidding is not as easy as it seems. It is also time-consuming.

A person working in a PPC management company has experienced these nuances and has got the essence of what right bidding is.

The experience makes him or her an expert in this field. In contrast, your hired hand may not have such an experience behind him or her. This can work against you too.

Then coming to the software a PPC management company can afford to invest in the latest of software that lets optimization of hordes of keyword bids on a regular basis. Then again a small company like yours cannot afford to do so. Again making you an underdog.

  1. Ability to Report

Reports are a vital part of any campaign so it is for PPC management. This reporting is one of the ways to know about the performance of any campaign.

Here too PPC agencies are dominant to the extent that they can offer a customized report on each and every campaign regularly.

This helps to get an insight into the ups and downs of the market and locates the pain points and directs you what to focus on and what changes need to be made to the PPC marketing campaign.

  1. Productivity

A PPC marketing campaign calls for a lot of effort and time. These don’t lack in either the PPC agency expert team nor the in house expert.

But when extra time and effort are the need of the hour to complete a certain PPC campaign the in house team may be a bid let down.

Some extra effort and dedication from them cannot be taken for granted. But in the case of a PPC agency, the employees may not be reluctant to put in an extra effort. Also, they have experience on their side which makes them more efficient too.

  1. Flexibility

Correlating the new changes is an important aspect of a PPC campaign. People working in this campaign need to be flexible to change.

The outsourcing team has access to the latest changes made in this field sooner than the in-house employees.  The adaptability quotient of the former is always higher than the latter. This gives the PPC agency an edge over your hired expert.

  1. Results

Coming to results everyone would want accurate results in their campaign. Also, they should be fast and reliable. The PPC agency also scores higher here than the in house expert.

There is no room for even a small mistake in the PPC campaign. The experienced hand is less prone to mistake than the amateurs you hire.

Further, any mistake made by an employee can be overlooked but if a mistake from an agency has affected your marketing results you can ask for financial compensation from the agency.

Here too there is an advantage in hiring an agency for PPC campaign. Considering reliability, you can depend more on an agency than the hired hand in most of the cases. Also in case of speed the agency has a dominance.

So going through all the comparisons stated above one can deduce it is always better to outsource your PPC campaign to a reputed PPC agency. There you can get better results that are reliable and fast too.

Over and above that all that is latest in the marketing gets incorporated into the campaign as and when it is introduced. Also hiring an expert hand can turn out to be a costly affair only to get compromised results with reduced productivity and less flexibility. Now the ball is in your court.