Do Backlinks as A Ranking Factor Matter For SEO?

Just designing and creating a website doesn’t mean you have achieved much. It is only the beginning of your online journey. You have a long distance to cover for your website to be relevant.

Existing somewhere in the middle of nothing where no one can know about you is equal to being non-existing. Similarly, a website just launched on to the vast sea of the web world just occupies a dot and will not be recognized at all by searchers.

You did not put in all the effort to create a website to have a web existence. You want much more from it. Now all you need is the services of an SEO marketing agency India.

This agency will do the needful and use the SEO tactics to make your website visible. For this to happen you need to find a place on the first page of the search engine.

This is a challenging task and so much goes into improving the rank of the website. One of them is creating backlinks. When you come across this term backlink you would wonder what it is. How is it related to SEO? And does backlinks as a ranking factor matter for SEO.

The queries explained

The following points explained by an SEO specialist India may throw some light on these queries.

First, it is important to know what backlink is. You can define this briefly as a link from one website page to another website.

In general, it is considered that the more backlinks that are directed to your website more will its popularity be. So, in theory, you should start linking your website to some other websites and have other websites linked to yours.

This can create a big impact no doubt. But, is it so easy to do this and get enough backlinks for your website? It is said the more backlinks you get the ranking of your website improves further.

Hence to get a notch higher on the ranking scale you need to get enough backlinks. This is not an easy task and you would need the assistance of an SEO expert India.

Natural way is the best

Now the expert opinion is the same that SEO ranking will improve with having more backlinks. Here s/he will start the work of getting more backlinks. Then what does this expert need to do to get backlinks?

Then you can also learn that there are different ways of getting such backlinks. You can pay to get backlinks or just apply the SEO and wait to get some backlinks in a natural way.

As said the former way is easier and you can get enough backlinks if you can afford it. The latter is time bound and you may have to wait for some positive outcome. Also, you need to put in some effort to get such backlinks.

Wasting time is big no

Isn’t it foolhardy and a waste of time when you can just pay and get enough backlinks instead of waiting months to get them in a natural way? On the outset, it may seem a little foolish to wait.

But not only quantity but the quality of the backlinks also matters in the ranking. Always getting enough numbers does not take you a notch higher. When you pay for getting backlinks the quality of such links is not ensured.

Get relevant backlinks

Another point to remember say the experts at Google SEO services India that the backlinks to your website must be relevant. This can be explained with an example.

A restaurant website getting backlinks from food-related websites like food blogs, other hotels, and restaurants, social media accounts of people working in such entities or related to such entities and the like can be considered as quality backlinks.

This will benefit the restaurant with not only in improving its ranking but also its online reputation as it is linked to some already recognized and well-known establishments.

In case the restaurant gets backlinks from some sports-related website, construction company website or something that is not so much related to the restaurant business may not help with improving the ranking.

No spam please

Again, the backlinks from a spammed site may affect the website negatively. Instead of rising a notch higher on the ranking scale the website may be penalized by the search engine as it is not a recommended practice according to them.

This points to the fact that numbers only don’t always work in favour of increasing the ranking but the kind of backlinks also does matter.

The SEO expert at work must find such backlinks that are linked to the website in question and then delink them. This done then the website is again on the recovery path and can climb the ranking ladder a little higher.

Big gain from quality hyperlinks

Presently you have been linked to some quality backlinks. And you have gained from this too. The websites that you have been linked will also be linked to other sites other than you.

Even these sites are striving hard to improve their ranking and enhance their online reputation. Most of these websites would have hired the best SEO India services for this work.

As these websites are linked with that of yours the more links, they create it will have a ripple effect on your website too.

Whenever a hyperlink is connected to one of these websites it helps with the overall growth of the world wide web. This can affect you positively too albeit to a small extent.

Link with multiple websites beneficial

But when you are connected via backlinks with multiple websites the benefit you get can also be huge. Hence it is always important to be linked with the best websites. You can get more benefit out of it.

The work of the SEO expert is to check and assess these backlinks from time to time. You would not want to be caught off guard when a spammed website is linked with yours.

Out of the blue, you get a notification that your website is penalized for a certain linking. So, you need to be alert and do the needful that no such spammed site gets anywhere near you. Usually, the SEO experts will check this on the SEO tools available online.

Know your competitor

Then again it is always important to keep a tab on your competitor too. After all your main competitor is another start-up or business venture that is into similar business as you.

These competitors are not sitting idle. They too are employing some of the best SEO experts in town to rank higher and would want to outsmart you.

So, you need to be wary of them and keep an eye on their activities and the improvement they have made. You also need to know how that improvement came about. There is nothing wrong in creating a hyperlink to their website.

It may benefit you but you would not want a competitor to surpass your business. You will know what action they have taken and it will lead you to the websites you need to target.

Keeping alert and making the necessary changes from time to time is what you should never forget. This is the argument in favor of how backlinks can help improve the ranking. This answers the main query that backlinks to matter for SEO ranking.