Tactics to Drive Free Traffic to The Website

Website traffic can bring about business growth and it is important to deduce ways to increase the same to your website.

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With more traffic on your website, you can get many benefits like

  • Know about your marketing strategy
  • Get to know about your audience
  • Find ways to improve your SEO and the credibility of the search engine
  • Help generate more leads which can increase sale conversion and bring more profit and revenue for your business.

This is the general opinion of many an expert who provides website and SEO services. The crux of the matter is that you need to drive traffic to your website.

And these experts will tell you that there are various methods of driving traffic. While a few are free the others are paid methods. It is up to you to choose any or all the methods to bring traffic to your website.

Ways of getting traffic for free

First, it would be interesting to know a few freeways of getting more website traffic. One more point to bear in mind is that whatever traffic is driven to the website should be of good quality.

This simply means that only that traffic and leads that can bring about sales conversion are important. Other kinds of traffic that do not lead to conversion is not relevant at all.

All this means is that you need to get the right kind of traffic that can increase engagement.

The SEO consultant services that you hire will suggest a number of methods for optimizing the website for sale conversion. These may include

  • Having a call to action button
  • Including lead capture forms at the right place
  • Providing the relevant information that visitors seek
  • Making navigation intuitive and easy

With these in place, the visitors will find it easy to find what they are seeking and their visit may become fruitful. There is a high chance of converting the hits to leads and finally to customers.

Of course, your goal is to get the right kind of traffic but there is no one set method or tool to get this kind of traffic to your website.

You may have to use different methods at different times to drive traffic. But putting in some effort and giving it time will surely bear some fruit.

The strategies that are recommended by the marketing SEO services are

  • Off-page SEO
  • On page SEO
  • Directory listings
  • Online Ads
  • Social media
  • Email
  • Blogging

Now we know some of the methods to increase traffic but now you need to know some reliable and effective ways to increase traffic for free. These can be listed thus.

1. You need to create a free GMB listing

An optimized GMB listing is found to  get seven times more visits than those that are incomplete. So, start by providing all the information the potential customer seeks it may lead to sale conversion easily.

2. On page SEO

On page SEO performed on all the website pages leads to increase in ranking by way of more visitors. This is free but may take some time. It is important to upload quality content from time to time. This can bring in more traffic that is relevant.

3. Building backlinks

Building backlinks is also an important strategy recommended by business SEO services. It helps drive quality traffic to your website.

4. Getting listed on online directories

Getting listed on online directories is one more free method of driving traffic. Also, get listed on the review sites. For this, you need to link your profile to the website. Keep updating the listing this will bring in more traffic. This can help with website ranking as well.

5. Social media network sites

Another important method to get traffic for free is posting on the social media network sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and so on. These can be videos, gifs, blog posts and the like. The social media visitors can become visitors to your website also being influenced by such posts.

6. Targeting long-tailed keywords

Targeting long-tailed keywords are also helpful in driving traffic to your website. This does not cost anything more. These kinds of keywords can help improve ranking thereby making your website more visible. This can be a sure-shot method of bringing in more traffic.

7. Email marketing

Email marketing is a proven method used by top SEO services to drive traffic. You can send newsletters and promotional offers on a regular basis to customers via email. This is a good way to stay in touch with them. There is little chance of losing them when you are in their constant contact.

8. Guest blogs

Posting guest blogs by some industry influencer on your website also can attract more traffic. These business influencers have a high reputation. So, a link with them will bring more traffic to you and help with website ranking also.

Being active online like comment on blog posts, social media posts and the like increases your online engagements.

Doing this on websites relevant to your business can drive traffic to your website too. More such engagement more your profile gets exposure.

This will be a big influencer in creating a good impression of your business. What more do you want?

These are just a few methods of creating leads to your website for free. There are other methods which help drive traffic to the website for free like

  • Including hashtags in the posts
  • Using landing pages
  • Learning from the website analytics and more.

If these methods that are free of cost do not work you do have paid methods. But these are the last choices.