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Campaigns Setup, Management, And Consulting

We build the right strategies starting from the stage of planning, then implementation, tracking and analyzing your PPC campaigns to meet your industry goals, be it branding, advertising, leads, or to fill up your sales funnel.

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If you have ever observed the ads that appear at the side of search results on Google and other search engine pages, then surely you are already familiar with the concept of pay-per-click, or popularly known as ‘PPC advertising’.

Certainly, Pay-per-click marketing management allows you to underline on what really matters – either increasing your big business or helping your clientele.

We are the masters in providing hi-tech PPC management services to our esteemed clienteles or forthcoming potential customers who are new to this industry.

Our special campaign advisory team helps you at every step of the way, whether you’re a knowledgeable PPC promoter or is a new bee in the world of paid search market.

A Google Ad Words Premier Partner and Bing Ads Accredited Agency

We are a Google Ad Words leading Associate in addition to Bing Ads Certified Agency! Reach to the right part of your web audience at the right instance, and in the right locations. Capitalize on your ROI (Returns on Investment) and expand to new prospects well in time. We are ready to be a considerable pillar of your business growth journey. We can help you take advantage of your advertising pay out by creating, planning and implementing engaging PPC stratagems.

Advertise Your Resources in the Right Way

You might be spending on your advertising budgets without thinking. Nonetheless, our PPC marketing offers huge advertisements where websites use ads to display commercial ads when a keyword request matches an advertiser's keyword list, or when a content site illustrates relevant content. There are lots of things that supposed to be taken care of; to run a booming PPC programs and as a consequence, we have Google Ad words certified professionals who are not only trained but they make the best use of the software to get the cost per click as low as feasible.

Why choose our Pay-Per-Click services?

Since we are a Google Ad Words leading Associate as well as Bing Ads Certified Agency so that increases our credibility among others. Being the veterans of Online Marketing and Advertising Company, we have core expertise and development in successively running finest in-class PPC campaigns. Along with, we have successfully run thousands of other PPC campaigns for diverse business categories. Our professional PPC advertising team has profound understanding of PPC programs which works on definite factors that choose the CPC (cost per click) of the advertisements.

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5 Reasons To Choose Us
  1. Transparant account management
  2. Reports on your every penny spent
  3. Google/Bing certified experts
  4. Pricing from $300 per month only


  • Free conduct an audit of campaigns, niche and website
  • We provide clear reports of the results
  • Increase the number of emails and phone calls
  • Reduce the average cost of clicks and customers


  • 100% guarantee for the payback of an advertising campaign
  • Guarantee CTR 7% at Google Adwords
  • Reduce the cost of the customer for at least 21%


  • Analyze your selling proposition and niche
  • Make a predictions of campaign performance
  • A/B Tests
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Ads on Google, Bing, And Yahoo Search Engines

Get ready to be available when your clienteles search for closely what you offer or sell to them. We help you getting greatest ROI from marketing on Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines with no extra money spending.

Platforms: Google, Bing, Yahoo

Extend Your Brand's Reach Beyond Search

Promote and advertise your brand on Google's comprehensive display network which, along with ComScore, achieves approximately up to maximum reach of web pages online. To make it large, we help to extend your brand’s publicity- you can place text, images, videos, HTML5, and vibrant remarketing advertisements.

Platforms: Google Display Network with Gmail, YouTube

Boost Your eCommerce Sales with Shopping Ads

The strong and complex combination of Google with Ad Words campaigning allows e-Commerce business to set up an edge on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP’s). With placing all that goods and product ads that have images and price list being shown with ads can significantly boost up your brand’s promotion.

Platforms: Google Search & Partners, Yahoo, Bing

Videos Ads Work Best For Brand Building

When it comes to brand building, brand engagement activities, or creating the buzzing around, commercial video advertisements works the best. We can help you capitalize on video marketing by helping you to your reach successfully and to the segments just the way you want.

Platforms: Google Display Network with Gmail, YouTube

Mobile App Promotion For Installs & Engagement

Mobile app engagement ads drive existing app users straight from news feed to a specific location in your app. You can target ads to your existing app users by choosing right targeted audience who has installed mobile app when you select your audience. We can help you at every step to reach out there.

Platforms: GDN, Play Store, App Store, Facebook, Twitter, Gemini

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Create new follower foundation and connect with them more efficiently with dissimilar layouts of commercial ads on Instagram and Facebook. Show ads at the right instant to have more engagement and selling through social networking sites.

Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Content Network

Get More Followers, Leads, Sales, And Branding

The ultimate branding comes with the power of 140 characters is quite vast and useful. You would get better results when you advertise your brand on social networking sites online that increase followers, brand awareness and generate leads. Not just for engagement, this will help to make it key-touch dots for after ‘sales experience’.

Platforms: Twitter, Twitter Audience Network

Connect Directly With Decision Makers

There's no substitute when you aim to join and advertise yourself to decision makers in different big business organizations on LinkedIn. And certainly, we assist you with complete campaign setup, top management, and provide consultation for LinkedIn advertisements.

Platforms: Linkedin, Linkedin Audience Network

What will we do to set up and manage your PPC campaigns, and how?

This is how we will help you get higher CTR, Conversion, and ROI from your PPC Advertising spends.

  • Research/Analysis on your business and target markets
  • Analysis of your USPs and Competitive Advantages
  • Studying your target customers' preferences and behaviour
  • Analysis of your Previous Campaign, if any
  • Budget estimation based on your goals
  • Keyword Analysis and Campaign Setup
  • Writing Conversion oriented Ad copies
  • Setting your required Ad Extensions
  • Optimizing Bidding, Quality Score, CTR, and CPC
  • Landing Page Analysis
  • Landing Page Tweaks and Tune up for relevancy to Ad goals
  • Call to Action Setup
  • A/B testing if required (On higher budgets only)
  • Google Analytics Goal Setup
  • Remarketing Setup and Installation
  • Setting up remarketing campaigns
  • Analyzing the need of micro ad groups
  • Analyzing Ad Group/Campaign level negative keywords
  • Adding negative keywords to the account as required
  • Setting up micro ad groups for differently themed keywords
  • Check on low-performing ads, keywords, and campaigns
  • Automated/Manual Reporting and Sales Discussion
Customers' Testimonials: We couldn't have said it any better

We always work to get similar reactions from all our customers.

Came across Ratan in a pro discussion forum on Linkedin. Impressed by his expertise we immediately contacted and hired this team for Google AdWords optimization services.

- Stefan Parker - IT Training Zine

Improved our conversion rates by 20% in the first month on a spend that was 15% less than our usual spends. We are really impressed by this team of experts and recommend it to businesses around. Best of all, they are quick to respond when we need them. Great work done folk! Keep growing...

- Himanshu Valia, - Independent business owner

Ranking in Top Ten results of Google for over 20 keywords makes us happy as we are. But we still depend on PPC for our other set of keywords. Splashsys has been helping us with it as well. By far, we are very happy and content.

- Samuel Collier - Axim Accounting

My AdWords campaign was like a monster to me. It costed way too high for every keyword. These guys saved my life. I definitely recommend Splashsys to everyone.

- Sapna Awasthi - Independent business owner
Our Knowledge & Expertise are Certified by Google & Bing

Be confident of connecting to a team who knows the business well

Need more reasons to choose our services? No problem, here they are -

  • We bear 100% transparency with our clients. You get detail on every single penny spent. All accounts remain in your control forever. We do not manipulate any data, you have full access to everything yourself.
  • Exclusive strategies and new advertising features available to you much before everybody else around.
  • Dedicated account manager, weekly review and consulting call. Ask any question that comes to your mind, we take them happily and answer to your satisfaction.

Have questions? Do not hesitate to contact our help desk.