What Is the Actual Time Taken to Complete SEO for A Website?

Are you an owner of a website then your first wish would be to be visible? Ranking high and being placed on the first page would be your ultimate goal. So how can this happen?

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This can be done via SEO – search engine optimization. Then how long will it take for this SEO to rank your website high? Basically, you can say SEO is not a simple entity and one needs to master it.

On becoming an expert, you will learn that it can take a minimum of 4-6 months for SEO to show results. This is what most of the experts in this area opine.

Various Factors

To start with SEO several factors need to be considered. These can be listed as
• Website design
• Baseline traffic
• Domain age
• Geographic location
• Meta descriptions
• Competition
• Target market

All these play a major role in determining the time taken for driving traffic to the website from SEO. This can take up to four to six months to start giving some results. Of course, this can change over time.

What traction after 12 months is seen to be more after 6 months. So you can say that SEO is a long term process. Nothing can be foolhardier than to stop the SEO process in 2-3 months on not seeing any results. Here patience pays more dividend.

Step by Step Process

Then again SEO is step by step process. After knowing the different Seo factors mentioned above you need to apply the SEO process accordingly. A new website, a new domain name, no business history, fresh content are all factors that can affect the outcome of the SEO process.

The Phases

  • The first phase comprises of research, audit, planning, and strategy. The faster you complete these the sooner the results can start coming in. Sometimes for better results, some changes, especially in the website design, may be recommended. If this is the case again the SEO process gets delayed.
  • The second phase is mostly the technical side of the SEO process. Here website modifications or overhaul are done as the case may be. So the SEO process can start after completing this. Link building is a part of this phase and it can continue side by side of the website overhaul. Here too no result can be seen because of the SEO process.
  • The third phase focuses on creating the content. They can be anything from articles, blogs, FAQs, whitepapers, information about the company and its products and services, and much more. The content depends on the type of the website and what it intends to do. Here some improvement in the rankings can be seen. You can find yourself fortunate that such an improvement is paving the way for some leads and sales conversion here.
  • The fourth phase is typically the continuation of the previous phases. On continuing this work, you can expect some real-time results of the SEO process. There will be a further improvement of ranking, traffic and also lead generation. These results point out to the fact that the SEO process in on the right lines and is working.
  • The fifth phase is an amplification of the fourth phase. To increase direct traffic social media may be incorporated now. More content is added. You can now observe a natural link profile and generate more leads creating more conversion into sales. Also, PR outreach can also be tried at this stage. The result is improved ranking and more traffic.
  • The last phase is a continuous process. Your website is now visible and has achieved high rank. The strategy now is to maintain this rank or rank it even higher and get the Numero Uno position. You need to put in efforts on more content creation and promoting it. This needs to be unique and specific depending on the kind of business and the website. For instance, a local business is different from global e-commerce business. The requirement of SEO also varies.

At this stage, the websites that have undergone the proper SEO process would have seen the required improvement in ranking.


To conclude four main factors that determine the SEO are:

  • Keyword and search phrases– this helps drive traffic to the website. Expert SEO will know which are these that can help bring traffic to your website.
  • Domain name – the SEO process revolves around this. Its history and its relationship built with the internet can affect the SEO ranking.
  • Location and kind of business – a niche business may have fewer competitors in your area then ranking high would be easier via the SEO process. With high competition and global presence taking over the rivals may seem a bit difficult.
  • Website content – the tall order to accomplish for any website is to have remarkable and unique content. This can attract more traffic and hence help with rankings on the search engine.

    So you can see that SEO is not one size fits all process.