Do Backlinks as A Ranking Factor Matter For SEO?

Just designing and creating a website doesn’t mean you have achieved much. It is only the beginning of your online journey. You have a long distance to cover for your website to be relevant.

Existing somewhere in the middle of nothing where no one can know about you is equal to being non-existing. Similarly, a website just launched on to the vast sea of the web world just occupies a dot and will not be recognized at all by searchers.

You did not put in all the effort to create a website to have a web existence. You want much more from it. Now all you need is the services of an SEO marketing agency India.

This agency will do the needful and use the SEO tactics to make your website visible. For this to happen you need to find a place on the first page of the search engine.

This is a challenging task and so much goes into improving the rank of the website. One of them is creating backlinks. When you come across this term backlink you would wonder what it is. How is it related to SEO? And does backlinks as a ranking factor matter for SEO.

The queries explained

The following points explained by an SEO specialist India may throw some light on these queries.

First, it is important to know what backlink is. You can define this briefly as a link from one website page to another website.

In general, it is considered that the more backlinks that are directed to your website more will its popularity be. So, in theory, you should start linking your website to some other websites and have other websites linked to yours.

This can create a big impact no doubt. But, is it so easy to do this and get enough backlinks for your website? It is said the more backlinks you get the ranking of your website improves further.

Hence to get a notch higher on the ranking scale you need to get enough backlinks. This is not an easy task and you would need the assistance of an SEO expert India.

Natural way is the best

Now the expert opinion is the same that SEO ranking will improve with having more backlinks. Here s/he will start the work of getting more backlinks. Then what does this expert need to do to get backlinks?

Then you can also learn that there are different ways of getting such backlinks. You can pay to get backlinks or just apply the SEO and wait to get some backlinks in a natural way.

As said the former way is easier and you can get enough backlinks if you can afford it. The latter is time bound and you may have to wait for some positive outcome. Also, you need to put in some effort to get such backlinks.

Wasting time is big no

Isn’t it foolhardy and a waste of time when you can just pay and get enough backlinks instead of waiting months to get them in a natural way? On the outset, it may seem a little foolish to wait.

But not only quantity but the quality of the backlinks also matters in the ranking. Always getting enough numbers does not take you a notch higher. When you pay for getting backlinks the quality of such links is not ensured.

Get relevant backlinks

Another point to remember say the experts at Google SEO services India that the backlinks to your website must be relevant. This can be explained with an example.

A restaurant website getting backlinks from food-related websites like food blogs, other hotels, and restaurants, social media accounts of people working in such entities or related to such entities and the like can be considered as quality backlinks.

This will benefit the restaurant with not only in improving its ranking but also its online reputation as it is linked to some already recognized and well-known establishments.

In case the restaurant gets backlinks from some sports-related website, construction company website or something that is not so much related to the restaurant business may not help with improving the ranking.

No spam please

Again, the backlinks from a spammed site may affect the website negatively. Instead of rising a notch higher on the ranking scale the website may be penalized by the search engine as it is not a recommended practice according to them.

This points to the fact that numbers only don’t always work in favour of increasing the ranking but the kind of backlinks also does matter.

The SEO expert at work must find such backlinks that are linked to the website in question and then delink them. This done then the website is again on the recovery path and can climb the ranking ladder a little higher.

Big gain from quality hyperlinks

Presently you have been linked to some quality backlinks. And you have gained from this too. The websites that you have been linked will also be linked to other sites other than you.

Even these sites are striving hard to improve their ranking and enhance their online reputation. Most of these websites would have hired the best SEO India services for this work.

As these websites are linked with that of yours the more links, they create it will have a ripple effect on your website too.

Whenever a hyperlink is connected to one of these websites it helps with the overall growth of the world wide web. This can affect you positively too albeit to a small extent.

Link with multiple websites beneficial

But when you are connected via backlinks with multiple websites the benefit you get can also be huge. Hence it is always important to be linked with the best websites. You can get more benefit out of it.

The work of the SEO expert is to check and assess these backlinks from time to time. You would not want to be caught off guard when a spammed website is linked with yours.

Out of the blue, you get a notification that your website is penalized for a certain linking. So, you need to be alert and do the needful that no such spammed site gets anywhere near you. Usually, the SEO experts will check this on the SEO tools available online.

Know your competitor

Then again it is always important to keep a tab on your competitor too. After all your main competitor is another start-up or business venture that is into similar business as you.

These competitors are not sitting idle. They too are employing some of the best SEO experts in town to rank higher and would want to outsmart you.

So, you need to be wary of them and keep an eye on their activities and the improvement they have made. You also need to know how that improvement came about. There is nothing wrong in creating a hyperlink to their website.

It may benefit you but you would not want a competitor to surpass your business. You will know what action they have taken and it will lead you to the websites you need to target.

Keeping alert and making the necessary changes from time to time is what you should never forget. This is the argument in favor of how backlinks can help improve the ranking. This answers the main query that backlinks to matter for SEO ranking.

Boost Your Business with These 12 Online Promotional Methods

Advertising is a sure shot method for promoting business as well as boosting it. From day one the start-up is set up the goal is to develop it.

So, the owners are always on the lookout for methods to grow and take the company to great heights. As mentioned, various ways may be deployed to achieve this goal.

Then there may be a need to hire the services of SEO or PPC advertising management services. In this digital age, online advertising is the preferred mode.

This company will deduce a few major ways to promote your products and services. Here is a list of 12 methods of this endorsements.

Today online presence has become a must for businesses. This is because several people are online.

This creates effective opportunities for businesses to grow and develop using online advertising.

There are main two methods of online advertising they are PPC and SEO. The former is a paid ad campaign and the latter brings organic traffic.

This is done by hiring a PPC services company.

This is the list of 12 ways

1. Single keywords are the key

After opening a PPC account the PPC advertising specialist will select a few keywords. It is important to use single keywords for the campaign.

There should be no keyword bloating. Doing this may bring in traffic but may not be relevant as this traffic may not bring sale conversions. For real effect sale conversions are vital.

2. In-app advertising

With an increase in the use of smartphones and tablets advertising through them makes more sense.

A unique way can be putting ads on the apps which are solely accessed via these devices. This also helps get usage and demographic data which can help target audience.

3. Social media ads

Today social media marketing is really popular what with several networking sites available. Businesses can use these portals to put ads and can expect a huge reach.

There is a huge possibility of so many members sharing and resharing the ads and content on these handles.

Businesses do not have to spend on such promotion and this free of cost endorsement can bring in a lot of traffic that can be sale conversions.

These ads are truly effective. But the catch is the content should be impressive to attract such an action.

4. Retargeting

With retargeting the advertisers get a second chance to target the audience or customers.

Sometimes there are visitors to the site but they fail to take any action. Targeting them a second time may bring about some leads and conversions.

5. Segmenting traffic

Traffic can be segmented as a generic product based branded and the like. This can help create a sales funnel which will get geared toward high-intensity searches and this can isolate the traffic that can bring about conversions.

6. Link building

With backlink building, there is a high chance of converting visits and traffic into conversions. It takes a lot of work on the part of SEO management services.

It is necessary to reach out to other sites and arrange content exchanges which connect the different sites. Such linking can bring about more traffic and also convert these into sales.

7. Email marketing

It is one of the most effective methods of building connections and relationships.

If valuable information is sent via mail it is more effective and brings about more conversions than other kinds of emails which may be treated as junk.

8. Blogging

Creating blogs and posting them on the websites is really effective. This works best when the content is relevant and informative.

Posting new blogs from time to time and creating backlinks with other sites attracts traffic and leads. It is important to convert this to sales and it is not a difficult task.

This is a good SEO strategy and is recommended by SEO expert services. This method is used to target audiences too. With such a strategy the leads can bring more conversions.

9. Video marketing

Creating videos and uploading them on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and so on makes it possible to convey your message and reach the audience more effectively.

There is more impact with such visual display. So, it is recommended to upload such videos that can promote the products and services and offer more information about them.

10. Podcasts

Releasing podcasts works similarly to video marketing. The format is a little different. Also making podcasts is easier than making videos.

11. Webinars

Sharing information is key to advertising. Doing this via webinars is another way of doing it. This is an easier method of sharing information.

Here response to queries can be done in real time. This becomes more effective to bring in more results for sale conversion.

12. Search engine marketing

With SEO organic traffic can be diverted toward the website. This is more important than the paid ad campaign and is more effective in bringing sales conversion.

This can bring about ROI sooner and help develop the business faster too. This is one of the most important aspects of the promotion of websites.

It is through the hard work of some top SEO services company the website can rank higher and become more visible. If the SEO is poor then no other strategy will be effective.

These are the 12 ways that can help promote your business effectively and bring in more profit and generate more revenue for your business.

Tactics to Drive Free Traffic to The Website

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Website traffic can bring about business growth and it is important to deduce ways to increase the same to your website.

get traffic to your website , increase website traffic , real free traffic to my website, how to drive traffic to your website 2019, free traffic to my website fast

With more traffic on your website, you can get many benefits like

  • Know about your marketing strategy
  • Get to know about your audience
  • Find ways to improve your SEO and the credibility of the search engine
  • Help generate more leads which can increase sales conversion and bring more profit and revenue for your business.

This is the general opinion of many an expert who provides website and SEO services. The crux of the matter is that you need to drive traffic to your website.

And these experts will tell you that there are various methods of driving traffic. While a few are free the others are paid methods. It is up to you to choose any or all the methods to bring traffic to your website.

Ways of getting traffic for free

First, it would be interesting to know a few freeways of getting more website traffic. One more point to bear in mind is that whatever traffic is driven to the website should be of good quality.

This simply means that only that traffic and leads that can bring about sales conversion are important. Other kinds of traffic that do not lead to conversion is not relevant at all.

All this means is that you need to get the right kind of traffic that can increase engagement.

The SEO consulting services that you hire will suggest a number of methods for optimizing the website for sale conversion. These may include

  • Having a call to action button
  • Including lead capture forms at the right place
  • Providing the relevant information that visitors seek
  • Making navigation intuitive and easy

With these in place, the visitors will find it easy to find what they are seeking and their visit may become fruitful. There is a high chance of converting the hits to leads and finally to customers.

Of course, your goal is to get the right kind of traffic but there is no one set method or tool to get this kind of traffic to your website.

You may have to use different methods at different times to drive traffic. But putting in some effort and giving it time will surely bear some fruit.

The strategies that are recommended by the marketing SEO services are

  • Off-page SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Directory listings
  • Online Ads
  • Social media
  • Email
  • Blogging

Now we know some of the methods to increase traffic but now you need to know some reliable and effective ways to increase traffic for free. These can be listed thus.

1. You need to create a free GMB listing

An optimized GMB listing is found to get seven times more visits than those that are incomplete. So, start by providing all the information the potential customer seeks it may lead to sale conversion easily.

2. On-page SEO

On-page SEO performed on all the website pages leads to an increase in ranking by way of more visitors. This is free but may take some time. It is important to upload quality content from time to time. This can bring in more traffic that is relevant.

3. Building backlinks

Building backlinks is also an important strategy recommended by business SEO services. It helps drive quality traffic to your website.

4. Getting listed on online directories

Getting listed on online directories is one more free method of driving traffic. Also, get listed on the review sites. For this, you need to link your profile to the website. Keep updating the listing this will bring in more traffic. This can help with website ranking as well.

5. Social media network sites

Another important method to get traffic for free is posting on social media network sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and so on. These can be videos, gifs, blog posts and the like. The social media visitors can become visitors to your website also being influenced by such posts.

6. Targeting long-tailed keywords

Targeting long-tailed keywords are also helpful in driving traffic to your website. This does not cost anything more. These kinds of keywords can help improve ranking thereby making your website more visible. This can be a sure-shot method of bringing in more traffic.

7. Email marketing

Email marketing is a proven method used by top SEO services to drive traffic. You can send newsletters and promotional offers on a regular basis to customers via email. This is a good way to stay in touch with them. There is little chance of losing them when you are in constant contact.

8. Guest blogs

Posting guest blogs by some industry influencers on your website also can attract more traffic. These business influencers have a high reputation. So, a link with them will bring more traffic to you and help with website ranking also.

Being active online like comment on blog posts, social media posts and the like increases your online engagements.

Doing this on websites relevant to your business can drive traffic to your website too. More such engagement more your profile gets exposure.

This will be a big influencer in creating a good impression of your business. What more do you want?

These are just a few methods of creating leads to your website for free. There are other methods which help drive traffic to the website for free like

  • Including hashtags in the posts
  • Using landing pages
  • Learning from the website analytics and more.

If these methods that are free of cost do not work you do have paid methods. But these are the last choices.

Laying the Spotlight on Digital Marketing Vital for Business

Once you are into the business it is essential to use the best of marketing skills.

If you are not very adept at marketing then you should hire one of the best marketing and SEO services agencies in town.

This agency will be able to form a digital marketing strategy for your company. Yes, you may have put in place the traditional marketing methods and have a great deal of trust in this.

But the business it brings may be a trickle in front of the digital marketing techniques you will find out soon. On one side the advertising on tv and print is expensive and the response from it may be just lukewarm.

In contrast, digital marketing is cost-effective. There are other advantages of using this method too.

Those who have overlooked such benefits and have relied heavily on the former have to either shut shop or have very slow growth and are struggling to exist in this huge sea of competitive business world.

A checklist of advantages

Here is a list of advantages of digital marketing for the perusal of those who would want to know more about it.

  • Learn about the consumers’ wants and preferences
  • Being able to interact with potential customers
  • Can get to know the customer
  • Customer reach is high
  • The technique is cost-effective
  • Create brand awareness
  • Get feedback both good and bad
  • Target audience
  • Track the responses immediately
  • Generates more leads

These are just a few of the direct benefits. There are some indirect benefits of using digital marketing.

Existence doesn’t bring in customers

Just because you exist in the corporate world offering services or selling some products it does not mean that you can attract customers.

In fact, the customer needs to know more about your business and what you are offering. This enlightenment can be done via ads- not the traditional way but the digital way.

Let the online marketing SEO services come out with a plan. According to it, your marketing agenda is ready and you let the world know about your business.

Create impactful strategy

This strategy should be impactful. Just your presence on the web world should attract a few hits.

This can create leads and it is up to you to convert this into sales. Once you have registered sales the money flows in and you start generating a bit of profit.

Here the strategy would be to target the kind of audience that you envisage as your potential customers. Also, you create brand awareness and make your online presence felt.

The initial response may not be really awesome but you have made a mark in the corporate world.

Now you have to build on this and garner more customers. With the data of a few purchases, you can know about the kind of customers that are interested in your products and services.

Also, there may be reviews coming in- some good and some bad. You can pat your back for the good ones and give a serious thought for the bad ones. This is the gateway for improvement.

When you start improving the customer can trust you more. Higher the trust greater the loyalty. This trait alone can help build a customer base. This is important for any business.

Time to modify marketing strategy

By now you would have known your target audience, customers response, consumer needs and a lot more.

So it is high time you modified your marketing strategy. You can get yourself better SEO service packages to improve your marketing.

This move will bring in more customers to your fold and pave the way for your growth. Presently brand awareness is created to some extent.

You need to step this up. Also, you would have had a better ranking on the search engine too.

This needs to improve and the website needs to find a place on the first page of the search engine. Better SEO strategies can bring about this.

Deploy various methods

The digital marketing strategy would have deployed only a few of the methods from the likes of SEO, SMM, PPC campaign and so on.

Each of these services may not be cheap. For example, PPC web marketing need to be paid on a monthly basis.

This can be costly in the long run too. But to grow you need to broaden your purse strings and deploy other strategies side by side which are cost effective.

This can increase your revenue and bring about an ROI sooner too. This can be made possible because you have customers online and there will be an immediate response from them.

Also, you have competitors online. They are using different kinds of strategies to develop their business. You need to outsmart them and go past them to have an edge over them.

Know competitor’s strategy

First, you need to find out their strategies and in what way they are better than you. They may have used some good SEO services.

Then use this or a better strategy to get in the level of them or a notch higher. This can bring the market in your favor to some extent.

To get better traction you need to engage with the customers and be accessible to them. Always the sale may not be a commendable one.

There may be some complaints coming in. At such times it is important to react positively and resolve the issues proactively in favor of the customers.

This helps in building customer trust. This way you can increase the number of customers in your kitty.

Give importance to resolve customers issues

Also, when you resolve some issue amicably you gain loyalty too. Such loyal customers will think twice before leaving your fold.

You need to build such a reputation that come what may the customer will most of the time be on board. The pages of your trust books will get swelled when the number of such customers increases.

This kind of trust will make the customers come to you rather you going to the customers. This is an important aspect and says a good deal about your reputation and trust building.

It is such strategies that help make your venture a success in the commercial arena. Again, coming back the target audience you would have built your marketing strategy keeping in mind their wants and preferences.

But for growth, you have to diversify and bring in other products for sale or offer other kinds of services. Then the target audience may change.

So, your marketing policy needs to be modified a bit to target all kinds of audience.

Bring about the needed growth

Only this will sustain the growth and bring about the needed development. Otherwise, there is a chance of stagnation which can be detrimental for business growth.

Then when this happens you give the hard-earned chance to the rival. This should not happen then to get back to the previous position you may have work doubly hard and may have to spend more on the marketing strategies.

This can again affect your finances and reduce the profit margin. To increase this, you may have to increase the selling price.

This may prove to be fatal and lead to losing a few customers, especially that are cost conscious. So whatever strategy you pick it should be done judiciously so that you maintain your ranking and your level and not lose out to the rivals.

A Comprehensive Guide to Keyword Mapping in 2019

Before we get deeper into keyword mapping, let us begin by knowing the meaning of the term.

Keyword mapping is pairing the chosen keywords to the correct pages inside your website.


If the current structure of your website does not support the keywords, it would even involve creating new pages.

Keyword mapping can often be called by other names – keyword sitemaps or information architecture optimization. A PPC marketing company is best suited to help you.

If your keyword mapping is quite perfect, you can see every page on the website in a cohesive manner.

You would be able to consider the exact positioning in the search engine pages results from here.

This will help you to portray your unique selling position as you deem suitable. You should keep in mind that you are getting the conversions from the website as a whole and not the individual pages.

You would be able to optimise the website with the keyword map with the help of a PPC marketing company, not just the individual pages.

How to do Keyword Mapping?

As soon as you understand keyword mapping, the process becomes very simple.

There are two important steps in PPC management services that you have to take before mapping the keywords.

Researching the keywords

Before you can map the keywords to the website, you need to know what are the keywords that you have to work with. Proper keyword research is necessary for this step.

You would need to uncover both the head and long tail keywords. It will help you to create a well-planned mapping document.

You should not get caught up in trying to get a rank for every good keyword. You would need to work with the client and set expectations during the research phase. It is an important step of the PPC management campaign.

As soon as you have a good list of keywords in the field and the geographical location, you would want to map them to the most appropriate pages with the help of PPC campaign management services.

Checking current relevance

The idea is that you need to assign the keywords to the pages that you want to rank. You would need to ask yourself which pages are most relevant to the keywords that you have identified.

Similar keywords are usually grouped together. They could have a variation of the word positions, synonyms and others.

They will get mapped to the same page and it would cut the time you spend. The first step is to assign the keywords to the pages which are the most relevant.

It would be safe to map the head keyword and some of the long-tail keywords to the page. PPC advertising companies can help you.

Preparing the Keyword Mapping Document

Preparing the keyword mapping document would help to keep the things organized and deliver the on-page optimization document to the client.

This is also known as the SEO change document or on-page optimization document.

Different agencies and PPC campaign services assign different names to it but the purpose is just the same.

The keyword mapping document is based on a spreadsheet where each of the rows is a specific page on the website.

Each of the columns would be a crucial element for the on-page optimization process. The existing page data needs to be pulled before making a recommendation on the new page data.

This would add more value to the client. This would show how much you have done to get everything aligned to the keyword.

There should be notes for each page – this might include recommendations for word count, body content or image alt tagging.

Though the mapping process only includes assigning the keywords to the mapped keyword column, it will act as the foundation for creating the recommended page data. This is what you would be delivering to the client.

The existing website vs your redesign

Slight differences would be there in the document and the way you map the keywords. When you have a new website, you would generally have a sitemap to work with or you would need to design that.

You would be able to use each of the pages from there. Get help from a renowned PPC agency.

In the case of the redesign, You would be having a set of pages and URLs from the old website.

You would need to use the updated URLs as they would appear on the new website. With a redesign, you would need to create the pages yourself if you have extra keywords that do not fit well with the proposed sitemap.

The assigning of the keywords would also be different for a redesign and you would want to take into account the pages that the ranking the best for the keyword list.

It would be a case-by-case basis which you can find out through experimentation with a little help from a PPC company.

Why is it necessary to go through the keyword mapping process?

It would be easier to see the reason in two parts. These are as follows:

Everyone can see the keywords that are given priority for a particular page

It is important when you are involved in current content creation or content marketing project. There would be lots of opportunities to link them internally and refer to other websites.

The mapped keywords on the core service pages and the other blog posts would guide which anchors are to be used during internal linking. Pay per click advertising can help here.

Duplicate content can be avoided

If you are publishing website content, it might be easy to forget what was published a year back.

You might even forget what you had done a couple of months back. You might start writing something very similar to what is already there.

If you have a similar idea, it could be a good idea to refresh the existing post, thus making it more authoritative.

Now, when you are getting involved with keyword mapping, you should think in terms of the user.

You should also keep in touch with the updates Google makes in its algorithms.

Last but not the least, you should keep a firm grip over the type of keywords you are using. You should be doing pretty good if you follow the guidelines.