Amazon Marketing – How to Win the Trading Game?

Getting your products featured in a highly commercial and popular platform such as Amazon is a brilliant way to upscale your business. The amount of exposure given to your products is tremendous if you play it smart and use the right skills to push your products to the top. For this, you have to have a basic understanding of tricks that are being used by the traders whose products are being featured the most- the first you see on the list and in Google. How is this possible?

The products are sponsored to be on the top. Since 2012 Amazon allows companies and individual retailers to advertise their products such that they’re featured on the top and clicked on the most. Using the principles of Amazon SEO to your advantage, you can choose to bid a certain number of keywords that are related to the product that you’re selling- pick out the most relevant ones and the ones most likely to be used by customers who will be looking for similar products. Every time a customer clicks on the advertisement of the product, the seller pays a certain amount of money to Amazon as a fee for advertising their products. This method is known as Amazon PPC (pay per click). The combined use of Amazon PPC and Amazon SEO result in the featuring of the products on top of the list- which is a sure shot way to ensure maximum sales.

How can you ensure that you have successful marketing strategies for selling your products on Amazon?

Firstly, you must know that not all products of all categories can be featured using amazon advertising methods. Most commonly Amazon PPC is applicable to products that fall under highly popular categories- the ones that have products catering to most common needs. Among these are baby products, handmade products, health, beauty, and personal care products, pet supplies and so that the common population will be looking to buy online conveniently. Once you have confirmed that your product is identifiable with these categories, the next thing you should have an idea about is where you can expect to see your products being featured. Amazon places the sponsored products among those with original rankings in quite a discrete manner. To not make it obvious that your product is placed there as a part of the Amazon SEO strategy, they employ a certain amount of randomization- your product could be on top of the list or in the middle but in a slightly more prominent manner so it catches the eye.

Benefits of Amazon Search Engine Optimization and Amazon Pay Per Click:

By featuring one product in a sponsored manner, you are gaining the attention of the customers who will be highly likely to check out your entire product line if they are sufficiently impressed with the first one that was featured.

This is an excellent business boosting tactics.

If you use the right keywords to associate your products with occasions- for example, Valentine’s Day chocolates, birthday gift hampers, etc. then it is very likely that your sales will be boosted during the festival seasons.

It doesn’t always have to be new products that you’re featuring, Amazon PPC tactics are used by big and established brands who wish to remain on the top of the list. Moreover, the charges Amazon applies per click are very affordable and the profits outweigh the expense by a huge margin- hence making it a popular strategy applicable for anyone without worry of unproductive marketing investment- you pay only when your products are being viewed.