Does Your Website Need to Be SEO Friendly for PPC Marketing?

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You come across two terms SEO and PPC with respect to websites. Before coming to the query and finding a connection between the two let us know what is SEO and PPC briefly.

seo,ppc,adwords,pay per click

You can say SEO – short for search engine optimization is to make the right people to visit your website. While PPC – short for pay per click is a kind of advertising on different search engines like google.

The website owners pay these search engines to make sure of the high results for any search that a customer ensues.

So practically and technically both are different entities for websites. You can say both complements each other just like the two sides of a coin do.

Do SEO and PPC work together

Going back to the query in the title you can give a short reply as yes. After you launch your website you may not have put in any effort on the SEO front.

Then also you can get results using the PPC campaign. Likewise, to make effective SEO it is not necessary to run a PPC campaign.

Your ad quality score on google and the bid amount will help the search engine to decide the PPC position. For organic search ranking, hundreds of signals are considered to determine the position or ranking.

Though both are separate entities devoid of each being dependent on the other they complement each other can be said to be the outcome.

Balancing act

You can say that each one benefits the other. Albeit they may not be direct benefits but the advantages are still significant.

When you use both the PPC campaign and the SEO strategy for your website there will be an increase in the website visibility. Usually, this can be most relevant in the mobile devices wherein PPC ads tower above the top results.

Thus you can infer that both the SEO and PPC are complementary to each other and they will furnish somewhat similar results and can create a harmonizing effect.

Help with keywords

Your website needs an overall keyword targeting. For this, both PPC and SEO can be used. This can be explained thus. Deploying a good SEO strategy, a website can pick up long-tailed keywords.

However, in PPC campaigns this is not usually used. You can make it work the other way also. Now Google provides secure search this limits the access to keyword data during an organic search.

But using PPC you can get a better analysis. Using this campaign, you can check to click through the rates and then effectively track the conversions.

This allows you to arrive at better decisions in the use of keywords while targeting SEO. The PPC campaign will let you know the best converting keywords.

This will be the ones that most people use while searching for a particular product. Thus with a review on the content, you can go for better optimization. Thus enabling you to pick up higher traffic in organic search for this keyword.

More landing pages for SEO

During your PPC campaign, you create landing pages. These can be used for an organic search. You only have to find out how these landing pages will fit into the overall website.

It should not have duplicate content. This can be an issue with SEO but not with PPC. Then you can take steps to change the content and proceed with this strategy to increase your traffic through organic search and thereby pave the way for overall growth in business.

Web page efficacy helped by PPC

PPC campaigns can help improve the success of web pages. This can be tested with different pages to find out which copy, designs, calls to action, colors or buttons bring in the best of conversion rates.

With this information, the landing pages of the PPC campaign can be improved. Also, this can be used to better other action pages on the said website.

This can bring to our notice that a web page action can be made better with PPC campaign. And of course, this is the need of the hour.

If this strategy works for your website, you should go ahead and to the maximum to increase the traffic to get a higher conversion rate.

Both work independently of each other

In a technical sense, both the SEO and PPC are different and work independently of each other. But a technically savvy person can see through the fact that with using SEO and PPC together both can be used to improve the other.

So this takes us to the point that both the entities are relevant. But all these inferences do not lead to the real answer to the query though at the start it was stated in the affirmative.

Dig deep

Now let us really delve into the answer to the query. Millions of businesses are run some successfully and some failures. Some see success at the start but finally goes downhill.

While you have examples of some ventures going the slow and steady race to come out with flying colors. So the success story of each business is different. Each has followed a different approach and strategy.

Also, you may notice the fact that the same strategy does not work with every venture. Each and every business needs a unique approach that is customized for its growth and success.


So one may wonder if a PPC campaign should be used or SEO should be used. The approach solely depends on the objectives, present situation and of course the marketplace.

When yours is a start-up you can face some hard times with using SEO. It is time-consuming and is a little complex in giving effective results for an organic search.

A start-up waiting for the SEO results to show and then grow may run out of time and relevance bringing about its downfall earlier than anticipated.

Instead, if PPC is used a fast track result can be offered. Of course, it needs to be done expertly and correctly to show positive results in its favor.  The main part is to understand potential customers first.

Understanding how they are using the web leads to determine which strategy is the best. A PPC campaign, SEO based organic search or a combination of both.  This strategy needs to change as per the situation demands too.

Pros and cons of SEO and PPC

This brings in the fact about the pros and cons of SEO and PPC. So when you go through this you may be able to decide which is the best policy to be deployed in your situation.

Also, you can get to know how to integrate both the SEO organic search and PPC campaign to bring about the best of results for your growth.

SEO helps improve organic traffic is what we learned through all the arguments above.

Now let us delve into its benefits

  • Awareness
  • Branding
  • Trust and credibility
  • Website traffic
  • Cost per click
  • Return of investment
  • Cost-effective
  • Sustainability
  • Improved CTR
  • Strategic advantage

Now coming to the drawbacks

  • Slow organic traffic
  • Targeting keywords not easy for start-ups
  • Poor content reduces organic visibility
  • Need high in house resources
  • Sustainable link building takes time and expert help

These are a few of the pros and cons of SEO.

Now coming to the benefits of PPC
  • Position on the page
  • Improved ads
  • Visual product ads
  • Brand visibility
  • Control on budget
  • Better targeting
  • Speed
  • Agile
  • Marketing intelligence
  • Stability
  • A/B testing
Now coming to the pitfalls of PPC campaign
  • Adding and spiraling costs
  • More effective locally
  • Global campaigns expensive
  • Need constant investment
  • Lose lead generation on payment default

To avert the pitfalls and use the advantages one must make a smart choice. This can and will influence the final outcome. You need to find out which kind of ads are working better- text ads or product ads.

Use the ones that give better results. Evidently, this can be a trial and error method. But in the end, you get a favorable result.

Competitors to face

Till now you are working with your strategy. But you may have business competitors. You need to get an edge over them. So you need to know what kind of campaign they are running.

Also, their strategy may affect your campaign and it becomes imperative for you to find out how it is affecting your campaign. For successful PPC you need to have skilled management along with optimization. You need to monitor bids, positions, quality scores along with click-through rates.


This needs to be given time and an expert needs to be deployed for a successful campaign. Only then your PPC campaign will be a success. Usually, a local business that has little competition can do great business with SEO.

You may not need to spend much on this too. however, a newly established e-commerce business going global will have many competitors and will struggle with organic search results. In such a case a PPC could bring better results.

Though both the campaigns the SEO and PPC are independent of each other you need to find out which works the best in your case depending on your business type. Yes, your website does not have to be SEO-friendly for PPC marketing but results can be better if it is so.

Is Outsourcing Your PPC Management a Good Idea?

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PPC campaign is one of the methods used in marketing your products online.  And many businesses have grown because they have used this method. When businesses opt for PPC campaign one of the questions that troubles them is whether to manage the PPC campaign by themselves or to outsource it.

 ppc services india, ppc company, pay per click management, ppc services , ppc management

According to the first option, the company may need to hire a full time of a part-time expert in PPC management. Of course the second is an easier one that is outsourcing the whole campaign to a third party.

Now coming to the comparisons. When comparing these two options to find out which is the better of the two you need to consider certain factors involved in any PPC campaign

  1. The cost
  2. The tools and their access
  3. Bid management
  4. Reporting ability
  5. Productivity
  6. Flexibility
  7. Results- accurate, fast and reliable
  8. Cost factor
  1. Cost Factor

When you decide to outsource your PPC campaign, all you do is hire a company who handles PPC management. You only pay their monthly or annual fee and leave the rest to the expert team. However, when you decide to do the PPC campaign all by yourself, there are many factors involved.

First hiring an expert on a permanent basis is needed. This incurs an expense on the company in the form of salary. Next, you incur an overhead expense in the form of the initial setup.

If you are a huge company and a large business spread across the country probably these kinds of expenses may not be a burden on the whole setup. Hiring an extra hand and investing in some tools may be affordable.

But for a small company and a start-up, the outsourcing fee may work out to be far less than paying a salary to a hired hand.  So depending on the type of company you can decide which is the better option in your case.

  1. Access to Tools

In PPC advertising a number of tools need to be used. Also, you need to get access to the relevant tools. Only then your campaign for PPC marketing may be really useful and beneficial.

When you outsource your campaign to a trusted PPC management company you get the advantage of their latest tools they deploy. This is a company that solely works for PPC management and marketing. It is their job and to get many customers on board they use the latest tools.

So you being a customer gets the advantage. On the other hand, when you are managing the PPC campaign through your hired hand you need to first invest in the tools and then upgrade to the latest. Keeping in touch with the latest updates are also needed. Here too affordability comes into the picture.

If you are not aware of the latest updates or cannot afford them due to financial crunch your PPC campaign cannot bring in customers to your fold. Also having access to the latest tools is not enough. You need to have enough knowledge about how to use them.

Your employee may not have access to this knowledge that an expert at a PPC marketing company has. Comparing the two you can infer that outsourcing has an upper hand.

  1. Access to Advanced Reporting abilities and Bid Management

To become a PPC campaigner you need to have a lot of market knowledge and you need to keep upgrading yourself. Over and above that you need to do a lot of research. Both of these call for investments.

Coming to bid management it needs a lot of investment. Monitoring the metrics gives one an insight into the response of the users to the websites.

This helps you to manage the bid and make changes whenever necessary. This bidding is not as easy as it seems. It is also time-consuming.

A person working in a PPC management company has experienced these nuances and has got the essence of what right bidding is.

The experience makes him or her an expert in this field. In contrast, your hired hand may not have such an experience behind him or her. This can work against you too.

Then coming to the software a PPC management company can afford to invest in the latest of software that lets optimization of hordes of keyword bids on a regular basis. Then again a small company like yours cannot afford to do so. Again making you an underdog.

  1. Ability to Report

Reports are a vital part of any campaign so it is for PPC management. This reporting is one of the ways to know about the performance of any campaign.

Here too PPC agencies are dominant to the extent that they can offer a customized report on each and every campaign regularly.

This helps to get an insight into the ups and downs of the market and locates the pain points and directs you what to focus on and what changes need to be made to the PPC marketing campaign.

  1. Productivity

A PPC marketing campaign calls for a lot of effort and time. These don’t lack in either the PPC agency expert team nor the in house expert.

But when extra time and effort are the need of the hour to complete a certain PPC campaign the in house team may be a bid let down.

Some extra effort and dedication from them cannot be taken for granted. But in the case of a PPC agency, the employees may not be reluctant to put in an extra effort. Also, they have experience on their side which makes them more efficient too.

  1. Flexibility

Correlating the new changes is an important aspect of a PPC campaign. People working in this campaign need to be flexible to change.

The outsourcing team has access to the latest changes made in this field sooner than the in-house employees.  The adaptability quotient of the former is always higher than the latter. This gives the PPC agency an edge over your hired expert.

  1. Results

Coming to results everyone would want accurate results in their campaign. Also, they should be fast and reliable. The PPC agency also scores higher here than the in house expert.

There is no room for even a small mistake in the PPC campaign. The experienced hand is less prone to mistake than the amateurs you hire.

Further, any mistake made by an employee can be overlooked but if a mistake from an agency has affected your marketing results you can ask for financial compensation from the agency.

Here too there is an advantage in hiring an agency for PPC campaign. Considering reliability, you can depend more on an agency than the hired hand in most of the cases. Also in case of speed the agency has a dominance.

So going through all the comparisons stated above one can deduce it is always better to outsource your PPC campaign to a reputed PPC agency. There you can get better results that are reliable and fast too.

Over and above that all that is latest in the marketing gets incorporated into the campaign as and when it is introduced. Also hiring an expert hand can turn out to be a costly affair only to get compromised results with reduced productivity and less flexibility. Now the ball is in your court.

Are You Aware of These Latest Updates in Online Advertising |2019|

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Innovation and upgrading are a part and parcel of any technology. So can online advertising be an exception to this? Evidently no.  Let us then know these updates in advertising via the internet.  Advertising is one of the marketing strategies deployed across different platforms. The internet also is used as one such portal.

 digital advertising news, advertising publications, marketing news, online advertising examples, types of online advertising, online advertising definition, marketing industry news, advertising news usa

The main purpose of advertising it to make the world aware of your service or products. To promote these and then garner customers who will buy your products or seek your service is another rationale behind advertising. The idea behind every strategy used in this field is to increase the customer base. Following the same approach, online advertising has brought in some updates. Let us find a few of these.

1. Upgrading to https from HTTP

Security is a huge concern for every website. An unsecured site will cause traffic loss culminating in a lower rank for your site. Of course, you get a warning in the form of a popup that your site is not secure when you have not upgraded to the https. This gives you a chance to get the required update and stay secure as well as improve your ranking.

2. Better speed

The site loading speed does affect the ranking. The more time it takes to load a site it creates a feeling of déjà vu among the users. So an update in the form of page speed insights tool is introduced. Using this your site load speed on the desktop as well as the mobile phones can be known. Then steps can be taken to improve the speed and thus ranking of the site.

3. It is ads now and not AdWords

Previously known as AdWords now it is Google ads. All the advertising by Google is merged with this step and brought under one umbrella. This has removed the complexity with the online advertising. The simpler the things are made it is easier to advertise. Following this policy, this step was affected. This brings in automation and less time spent on creating, handling and optimizing of ads giving better results.

4. Introduction of smart promotions

With this introduction, the process of promotion is simplified.  The ads are automated in this campaign. The delivery of the ads and their creativity are based on the services, products, and goals that are set by the advertiser. Ads are thus shown to the right audience depending on their behavior, device, location and other criteria. All in all, it is possible to target the audience with this move of using machine learning.

5. Data retention control update

With this update, there is more data that will be available. The analytics tool can now track and save this data on the platform. Now you have data increase but not data decrease. Search analytics could previously track data of past ninety days. The latest upgrade allows for tracking data up to sixteen months. This allows for better tracking of historical trends for their performance and ranking too.

This list is to update you on the latest upgrades in the online advertising arena. So go for it.

Pug Chalk

Their previous advertising provider got them a result of $178 per acquisition. In 6 weeks we reduced their cost to $4.40 per acquisition.

open website


Pug Chalk is an app that lets users take pictures of their pug, and then add images and text, to bring their pug to life and then post on social media.


They had a previous marketer who charged a $1,000 a month fee for themselves and $1,000 of Facebook advertising. At the end of that campaign they had very few paying customers and very few customer insights.


We proposed a pricing methodology that allowed us to test cheaply and rewarded long term success.


We worked with Pug Chalk to test and bring their cost per Download down, using our testing methodology. We improved the price per app install. From $178 to $4.40 per app install.

Sideshow Toy


  • Increase paid search presence and revenue
  • Dominate space
  • Expand reach and engagement

open website


Sideshow Collectibles ( worked with PWs to improve its organic search presence across high-value products and categories on its site. The PRomoting Webs paid search team was asked to take over PPC management in February 2014 to drive additional value across the channel.


A leader in the film collectibles space, Sideshow wanted to scale Paid Search presence and revenue. It also sought to dominate the space and expand its reach while still focusing on its niche audience for the greatest return.


PWs conducted a Paid Search audit to identify areas of opportunity. We created a new account hierarchy and new campaigns for better control and performance insights.

We then optimized device, location, and budget settings to maximize the exposure of high-performing campaigns.

Once the bones of the account were in good shape, we synced the merchant center data feed to add Shopping Campaigns and dynamic product ads. We updated ads and ad extensions to create more engaging experiences.


Thanks to Sideshow’s willingness to work closely and quickly with PWs, we were able to rapidly implement new recommendations, resulting in very significant and swift wins with clear revenue gains:

While efficiently improving sales is the primary goal, expanding reach is also an important success metric for Sideshow’s Paid Search account. We increased impression share while achieving a better average position, all without sacrificing efficiency:

2.8x More Revenue YoY

ROAS is up 282%
Revenue is up 281%
Reach Expansion

Average Position is down 35%
Impression Share is up 81%