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Pws Is An Ethical Search Engine Optimization SEO Company Specializing In Search Engine Marketing, Improve Search Engine Promotion, Higher Search Engine Ranking. PRomotingWebs is an Indian SEO Company offering Search  Engine Optimization (Seo Services), Web Hosting India and Internet Marketing Services India. Our SEO Services guarantee top 10 search engine ranking in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Find complete SEO services at very cheap and reasonable prices.
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Client Testimonials - I have given 5 Martial Art websites for SEO and Promotingwebs team done a great work for all the 5 websites and i will rehire for my other websites too. Client Name: Lloyd Irvin
Had Vinod for a SEO project, & he did a fantastic job. Was very productive & was quick to respond to any of my emails. I highly recommended Vinod & his team here on Promoting Webs. Client Name: Nicky - I've been working with them for some time now on one of my sites, and they have definitely provided a major boost in traffic from the Google. They have actively pursued links and provided suggestions on how to improve our pages. After one year of their services our college related website traffic increased more than 75%. We will be using their services on our second website beginning next year. Client Name: Koko - I hired Promotingwebs to help me with SEO, writing articles, back links, press releases, etc. Their white-hat offsite optimization techniques increased my visitors dramatically. Now I am #1 in Google for many of the terms my site targets. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your work really helped me jump up in the organic search engine results. Client Name: Doug Skordal - The first thing that has impressed me about Promotingwebs was the swift and helpful response to all my questions and requests for information. Understanding my project requirements was their best part as they incorporated cutting edge ideas that enhanced the effectiveness of the site. Great Job Guys!! Will definitely recommend your efforts and good work! Client Name: Vicki Irvin
Promotingwebs was excellent! They did such a high quality job. They did what they promised and more in a timely manner. I will recommend them and use them again. I was pleasantly surprised with the end result. Thank You! Client Name: Danielle Millar

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Link Building FAQ's

Why do I need link building?

Building Link Popularity is one of the most important and critical aspects of any effective search engine optimization campaign today. The off page' factors such as link popularity play a major role in your website's ranking in the search engine results page (SERP).

Link Popularity itself refers to the number of links pointing to your website, from other websites. The search engines consider your website important since other websites are linking to you. To put it simply, more the number of Only Incoming Links you have for your website, the more important your website would be considered by the search engines.
Most crawler based search engines use link popularity as one of the factors in their ranking algorithms. As mentioned earlier, major search engines now go much beyond the number of links your website has, but try to determine the importance of each link and its relevance to your website. The idea is to get links from web pages that are related to your website for the search terms that you want to be found for.
The PageRank of your website's web pages is also directly influenced by your link popularity exercise. Therefore, a good link building exercise in combination with a successful search engine optimization campaign can get your website ranked high with the major search engines.

What are reciprocal links?

Reciprocal Links refers to the process of link exchange or trading of web links.
Most of the search engine crawlers give importance to link popularity while assigning rankings for natural search results. This came about as a simple outcome of the fact that if your website is good, more and more websites would want to link to you.
Since it is difficult to establish incoming links without giving an outgoing link, exchanging links or trading links with other websites became an important factor.
We only offer non-reciprocal links campaign due to the limited benefits of direct reciprocal links. We believe that the benefits of direct reciprocal links have been diluted and will be further discounted in the times to come.
In a reciprocal link campaign, the number of incoming links to your website would be equal to the number of outgoing links on this webpage.

What are non-reciprocal links?

Non-Reciprocal Links refers to the process of creating one-way links.

As mentioned earlier, major search engines now go much beyond the number of links your website has, but try to determine the importance of each link and its relevance to your website. In order to get more links and consequent higher ranking, webmasters in the past tried to manipulate and trick their way through the search engine algorithms by mass linking to websites, trading links with ?link farms', FFA pages and guest books etc.

As crawlers got smarter, due importance began to be given to non-reciprocal links. For a crawler, non-reciprocal links meant no tricks and only genuine linking.

While selecting a link building campaign, you have an option of selecting from various non-reciprocal links campaigns. In a non-reciprocal links campaign, there would be no exchange of links but only one way links would be provided to your website. That is, there would be no outgoing links from your website in exchange of the incoming links.
For creating non-reciprocal links, the link partner is given a link back from one of our directories. In certain cases if a client wants, we can also place the outgoing links in a website created by the client.

How much time does it take to create links?

The time factor varies from Package to Package. We have different timeframes depending on the links campaign chosen by you.
But on an average, we create 100-150 links per month per project. PR specific programs however, take a little longer to execute. In general, the higher the PR specification, the more time it would take to execute the link campaign.
For time frame guidelines please check out our services page at: link-building.html

Will Google recognize all the links you create?

Since our method of selecting partner websites is from already indexed websites Google will recognize most of the links, but it might not display all of these links as Google has its own policy for displaying links to a particular website.

How long will it take search engines to recognize these links?

Search Engines start recognizing these links in 2-4 weeks even as we are in the process of link creation.
On an average it takes around 6-8 weeks after the project completion for search engines to recognize most of the links.

Do all search engines give credits to links / PageRank?

Yes, all search engines give credit to quality incoming links.
PageRank is a term coined by Google. Other Search Engines might call it differently but most of them do give weight age to this concept.
A link pointing towards your website translates into external opinion on your website. It is an off page factor to determine whether your website is relevant. If a search engine finds a link pointing towards your website, it gives your website the weight age or value of that incoming link based on the quality and relevance of the incoming link.

Do you link from FFA, Link-farms, guest-books etc.?

Exchanging links with FFAs, Link-farms and guest-books does not get any value as the quality and relevance both are not usually present. Exchanging links with them can actually harm your website.
Thus, we do not exchange links with them.

How do you know if the link partner page is good?

For a website to qualify as a good link exchange partner website, it needs to qualify certain parameters like:

  • The relevance of the webpage to your particular website.
  • Whether the website has been indexed in Google or not.
  • The number of outgoing links from the partner website. We do not partner with pages supporting more than around 60 links
  • The page should be search engine friendly.
  • We do not partner with websites that offer links from frame or flash based pages.

What are your Quality guidelines for selecting link partners?

Promoting Webs follows some very stringent quality guidelines for building links for our client's websites. Our Quality guidelines are:

  • We do ONLY Non-Reciprocal Links.
  • Our main emphasis is on keywords embedded in the Anchor Text.
  • Links from PR Specified Links Pages
  • Links from Industry relevant pages are selected.
  • No redirected links.
  • No JavaScript Links
  • No Links from frames links pages
  • No Flash Links
  • No Links from pages excluded from robots.txt
  • No paid links
  • Links are not created on pages that have more than 60 outgoing links.
  • Links are created from Pre-indexed pages only.
  • We do not link to sites from 1 webmaster.
  • No Spam is used to solicit links.
  • No links are created on Link Farms
  • No FFA Networks
  • No Blog links
  • No links from PORN, racially prejudiced sites and other sites containing offensive content.
  • At the completion of the campaign we give full details of the links established.

Do you get links from specific related industries or general websites?

Search Engines give more preference to links that point towards a website from a related webpage.
So we focus on getting links from WebPages related to the particular industry as link partners. For example, in case of a Real Estate company, WebPages that carry content for the following would be approached:

 Real Estate


 Commercial Properties


 Residential Properties



 Home Loans


 Mortgage Companies

At the outset of a links campaign, the broad industries pertaining to the client's business are mutually decided. Only those link partners are identified and approached which have specific webpages relevant to these broad industries.

Do you use mass emails to approach link partners?

No, we do not use mass emails or group lists and databases.
Each probable link partner under a particular category is hand picked. We study their website for quality and relevance, their link policy for understanding the approach and write personalized emails to all of them proposing a link exchange partnership.
Promoting Webs only approaches those websites which solicit link exchange.

Do you use any software for link building?

We do not use any off the shelf software for link building as these software's have acute limitations in what they can achieve.
After using and evaluating several off the shelf software's like Arelis and Zeus, we have developed our own link building application, which manages and audits various links without any HTML intervention.

What is your link building capacity?

We have the capacity to cater to several projects simultaneously.
According to our current capacity we can create around 5000 links every month.

How frequent do you update me with the progress?

We would be keeping you updated on the progress of the links campaign one a weekly basis. Apart from the weekly updates, we would also be in touch with you on important milestones as mentioned below:

  • Configuring the links application with your website.
  • Finalization of the directory categories and link text.
  • Achievement of Monthly Deliverable Milestones.
  • Final audit of the links.

How long will it take for my PR to improve?

On an average, a links campaign takes about eight weeks to complete. Google takes another 4 weeks to index these links or your website and it takes another 4 weeks to start giving these links the values and your website's PageRank is recalculated.
On an average, it would be safe to expect the PageRank to improve after about eight weeks of the completion of the links campaign.

How do you find potential link partners?

We hand select each link exchange partner for each link building campaign.
We run a search on Google on various categories identified for your particular website for the links campaign.
Then we manually and carefully examine the quality and relevance of websites that are willing to exchange links. We then study their link exchange policies to come up with the best possible link exchange partners for your website.

How can I verify the links created?

On achievement of every Milestone of the link building campaign, we would be providing you with a database of all the verified link partners.
Also, you can regularly check the links through going to the partner websites.
Our link building application would also help you validate the continued existence of the links.

Do I have the option to reject links that do not appear to be good?

Under the Link creation process we carefully select the partner websites for link exchange.
So most of the websites that we partner with for link exchange would be quality links in the unlikely event of these links not being satisfactory, we remove the links and add new ones or compensate with more links over and above the packaged amount.

How long do the links last?

Most of the websites maintain links for a long time. A small percentage of these links might drop off because of several reasons like URLs or Domains of some websites change, some websites may also shift links to different categories without informing you, the website may become inactive or the webpage goes offline.
But on an average 90% of the links remain live through the year.

Will you link to my competitors from my website?

We recommend linking to competitors' websites, as these links are given more importance due to the good quality and relevance of these links.

Many Website owners fear that linking to their competitors would result in the leaking of traffic from their website to their competitors. This however is a wrong notion for the same reason that if traffic would go from their website to the competitors; it is also coming to them from their competitor's website.

In fact, linking with the competitor websites is anything but bad for you. It gives you high quality links, increases the value of that link to you because of the relevance and also brings targeted genuine traffic.

However, website owners still have the option of declining the option of linking with competitors. We give due respect to the client's choices.

Do you need any email ID's created? What information do you require from me to start my links campaign?

A POP email ID: would be required for the purpose of link building. The requests for link and any response would be going out from this email . We generally make the email ID at our end in order to keep a track of all the email sent and received from the link partners.
To start the campaign we would require you to fill up a Link Building Questionnaire that has few questions related to your domain and information needed by us to run the campaign successfully.
We would also need your time to finalize the keywords, Anchor Text/Description that we will be using to run the campaign. After the keyword finalization we would like you to select some of the broad industry segments that we will be using to find the potential link partners. Once this all is done it is the time for our team to take on the project. After this we would be requiring your time only to check the milestone completion reports that we will be sending you once we complete the milestones.

How much time involvement would I need?

We would be communicating and taking approval on critical matters throughout the campaign. Here is the list of standard occasion based communication which you can expect:

  1. We would send you a Link Building Questionnaire at the beginning of the project.
  2. Finalizing the Keywords, Anchor Text/Description for the campaign.
  3. Configuring the links application with your website.
  4. Finalization of the broad Industry segments the will be used to find link partners.
  5. Weekly update on the progress of the campaign.
  6. On achievement of Link Building Campaign Milestone.
  7. Final audit of the links

Apart from the areas mentioned above where your involvement would be required, we would only require your time to review and audit the campaign.

Can I manage links on my own once you deliver the campaign?

Yes you can. Once we deliver the campaign we can give you access to manage your links campaign through our links application. The links application that we use is user friendly for both managing the current links and adding new ones.
You would be bound by the terms and conditions of the Links Application and the usage policies.
You can expect a lot of requests for new links as the just concluded links campaign would result in increased visibility and since more and more websites would be able to find you, they would want to trade links with you. In such cases, our links application would come very handy. Also, through the application, you would also be able to manage the current links and keep a track on the links and whether they are still active.
If you are pressed on time however, you can opt for our annual maintenance program.

Why do I need annual maintenance for links campaign?

A link building campaign requires maintenance. There are various reasons because of which you need to keep a track of the links. Reasons are management of new requests the drop in the number of incoming links. There can be various reasons for the drop in number of incoming links:

  • Linking websites might become non-functional / offline.
  • The website owner might drop your link from the website.
  • Linking Page might be removed from that website.
  • The link might be moved to some other page without informing you. Such links are difficult to trace.
  • The linking page is renamed.

What do you cover in your annual maintenance?

We cover the following under our Annual Maintenance Program:

  • Maintaining the links or resource directory structure.
  • Maintaining current number of Links based on the links campaign you have signed up for.
  • Auditing the WebPages from where new requests to trade links are received before links are granted.
  • Verifying continued Link existence on partner websites with which links have been exchanged.

Do you need any special permission on my server?

No, we do not need any special permission on your server.

What are the criteria's for choosing broad industry segments relevant to my website?

We try and have a broad range of categories to use for the Link Building Campaign. The basic reasons are as following:

  1. More the number of categories that one has for link building, better it would be for the pace of link building.
  2. A good way of utilizing the link building campaign to increase awareness of your business is by carefully selecting some categories or segments that could be your clients.

So, we always prefer if the clients select a broader list of categories from the list of relevant categories that we send at the time of customization of their domain with our Link Building Application.

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